Cure MSA

Country specific patient information


Principal investigator:
Prof. Bastiaan R. Bloem, MD, PhD

Parkinson Centre Nijmegen (ParC)
Department of Neurology
Donders Institute for Brain, Cognition and Behavior
Radboud University Nijmegen Medical Centre
Reinier Postlaan 4
6500 HB Nijmegen
The Netherlands
Tel: 00-31-24-3615202
Fax: 00-31-24-3541122
Email: b.bloem(at)


Expertise of participating organization:

The Nijmegen group has a strong clinical background. The neurodegenerative staff features four dedicated movement disorder neurologists (Prof. BR Bloem, Prof. HP Kremer, Dr. RA Esselink, Dr. BP van de Warrenburg), with specific expertise in Parkinson’s disease and atypical parkinsonism, (hereditary) ataxias and dystonia. Clinical care is delivered in our multidisciplinary daycare center (a tertiary referral center), and in the regional ParkinsonNet networks that are currently present in large parts of the Netherlands. Research ranges from clinically oriented studies (e.g. health care innovations for patients with parkinsonism, guideline development, development of diagnostic protocols) to more fundamental projects (with emphasis on studies of cerebrospinal fluid in patients with parkinsonism, led by Dr. M. Verbeek). A further specific area of expertise relates to studies of falls and axial motor disability, for which we have a fully equipped gait and balance laboratory in place, including a unique and self-developed new dynamic posturography unit.


Recent publications relevant to the EMSA-SG:


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