Cure MSA

Country specific patient information


Principal investigator:

PD Dr. Karla Eggert

Philipps-University Marburg
Department of Neurology
Rudolf-Bultmann-Straße 8
D-35033 Marburg


Expertise of the participating organisation:

The group has a strong clinical background in diagnosis, clinical differential diagnosis and treatment of Parkinson and MSA-Patients. Prof. Oertel and his group have long-term experience in research on neuroprotective agents, pharmacology, neuroimaging , autonomic testing, and pharmacoeconomics. The participating organisation will provide the network system for electronic data management.

Recent publications relevant to the EMSA-SG:


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Stamelou M, Reuss A, Pilatus U, Magerkurth J, Niklowitz P, Eggert KM, et al. Short-term effects of coenzyme Q(10) in progressive supranuclear palsy: A randomized, placebo-controlled trial. Mov Disord 2008.


Oertel WH, Wolters E, Sampaio C, Gimenez-Roldan S, Bergamasco B, Dujardin M, et al. Pergolide versus levodopa monotherapy in early Parkinson's disease patients: The PELMOPET study. Mov Disord 2006; 21: 343-53.


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