Cure MSA

Country specific patient information


Principal investigator:
Prof. Olivier Rascol

Toulouse III University
Laboratoire de Pharmacologie
Faculte de Medecine 37 Allees Jules Guesde
F-31073 Toulouse


Prof. Anne Pavy-Le Traon

Department of Neurology, French Reference Centre for Multiple System Atrophy, University Hospital of Toulouse.

UMR INSERM 1048, Toulouse, France.

Expertise of the participating organization:

The group is directly part of a number of complementary and multidisciplinary units which are all involved in the clinical management and research of patients with Parkinson's disease. The main activities and facilities are :
- The Clinical Research Centre (INSERM-Toulouse Hospital) with a team (doctors, nurses, pharmacists, technicians...) dedicated to clinical research with a special competence in pharmacology and drug development
- The Movement Disorders Clinic of the Department of Neurology, which is following-up several hundreds of patients with parkinsonism
- The Autonomic Nervous System Unit of the Department of Neurology which is following several hundreds of patients with dysautonomia
- The Neuroimaging Unit (INSERM U455) which offers MRI, SPECT and PET facilities

Recent publications relevant to the EMSA-SG:

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